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Beats PowerBeats Review:

Before coming the Powerbeats in the market Powerbeats Pro was rocking the market it was popular among athletes and others.

The Powerbeats that is Apple’s own company launched a headphone that is having all the ingredients from the prior models, with improved battery life, enhanced battery life, and sweat resistance, and focus to deliver the improved features that are having the Powerbeats Pro.

And the exciting thing about it they cost it just $149, which is $100 less than the PowerBeats Pro and even $50 cheaper than the Powerbeats 3.

What is Good in it

  • The sound quality better than the prior models.
  • Improved 15 hours of battery life
  • Better ergonomic improvements
  • What is Bad In it
  • No auto-pause when earbuds are removed
  • Neckband could cause issues here and there

The Powerbeats having the same design that pros have, with the case you will get four sets of ear tips, although these are fully snug and secure in your ear canal, you don’t need for an ambient noise mode, it lets come to some noise so that you should aware about the outside world at some degree. They are not having any active noise cancellation features.

The Powerbeats neckband is in rounded shape so that to offers extra comfort while performing a strenuous activity and that should not feel uncomfortable like the Pwerbeat 3 that connecting both earbuds down from the ear behind the ear.

The smarter design delivers you more comfort and joy while running or doing the gym it’s not bothering you at all.

They have some changes compared to their predecessor, they have included the button on the right side for pausing music, changing tracks, or activating Siri, on the left side there is no button on it.

The powerboats having the same 12mm pistonic drivers as the Powerbeats Pro, so beats claim to have the same audio profile. The powerboats work well on the sound system that not offering the neutral sound, that offers you the balanced sound you can operate according to your choice.

You can have these pairs of headphones for better sound quality that is a good fit for everybody.

The user wants to know why they should buy these pairs when already have the choices.

It’s easy to carry because connecting cord keeps them together it’s lying around your neck when not in use and doesn’t panic you it’s light in weight and, instead of worrying about a case you can totally focus on the thing that is more important or you want some break.

It could be annoying for some people who are regular users of Powerbeats Pro or Powerbeat 3 it’s not auto-pause when removed.

If you could be better for if you are a music lover, it could be your better companion during heavy workouts sessions you will get it with substantial improvement, longer battery life and protect the earbuds from sweatiest workouts and the sound quality is on par with the excellent Powerbeats Pro.

It’s a personal choice for people are long runner or commuter then the Powerbeat is the better choice or cord could be an annoying thing for some people then they have Powerbeats Pro.

But better sound quality and long battery life make it superior to others you can’t carry the case every time, or you won’t get a charging option everywhere. And a less expensive for people who are looking for something without pinching their pocket.

That quickly pair with your Apple device that runs on the H1 chip. That will be available in black, white and red color.

The company is rumored to further can launch its new headphones in premium quality most probably this year.


The Powerbeats ear hooks are slimmer than Powerbeats 3 that is little thick the slanted curve on the main bridge makes it classy, which fits perfectly into your years the four sets of earbuds cushions are a perfect match to everybody.

The Powerbeats suits in every situation include walking, running or sitting on a couch sometimes you forget you are wearing the Powerbeats, the cord adds little more weight but its negligible.

After a couple of use, you will get habitual of it, initially, it will bother some people.


The 12-millimeter drivers deliver the same sound as Powerbeats Pro, you can listen to a clear and crisp sound at every volume level. You can experience an awesome sound experience overall.

You can define each tone that comes out that is impressive and clear. It is tested on many sources like youtube, Apple Music, Google play music and another platform that is going well everywhere.


Longer battery life that lasts up 15 hours or a single charge whereas Powerbeats Pro goes up to just 9 hours this is significant positivity about it. That is a pro feature of it that stands out from their predecessors. This only positive point enhance its sale tremendously.

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