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Cowin E7 Pro Upgraded Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Cowin E7 Pro is the upgraded version of Cowin E7, the E7 series is the popular one of Cowin, they have upgraded the things what people like in the E7 and integrated those, that people criticized in the previous version. You will get those things in the Pro that was missing previously.

The new version has more battery life, comfortable padding, and better sound quality and microphone, and the Cowin E7 Pro upgraded version of active noise-canceling headphones of E7. They have redesigned it at the same time keeping in mind the previous version’s good things. if you wanna looking some more option this guide will help you

The Build Quality

The metallic exterior of its ear-cups makes it a super aesthetic and nice one, normally headphones used 40mm drivers, but here the Cowin E7 pro has used the 45mm drivers that are slightly higher from the old one and that thing enhance its quality.

The 45mm drivers increase their sound signature, bass response, and treble. The Cowin E7 Pro is available in black, red, orange and white color, you have a range of different colors that fits your choice.

The Comfort

The slightly thicker cushions improve the comfort level at higher-end compared to E7, its design is like this that adjust easily to different head sizes and users.

The fabric is of fine quality that offers utmost comfort, and for cleaning the pads, that are comfortable even for longer sessions.

The Microphone & Bluetooth

As I said earlier Cowin E7 pro upgraded edition, its microphone offers you the much better microphone, you experience a far better value than the previous one. You can simply enjoy the long sessions.

The Cowin E7 Pro included in its NFC technology for prompt Bluetooth pairing, its for people who connect different devices.  The hand’s free call is convenient for people that keep your hands free to perform other tasks or don’t bother your hands.

The Battery Life

If we talk about its battery that goes up to 30 hours that is on the higher side on the previous edition of E7 pro, but battery life depends on different types of variables like active noise canceling features bass and other features.

The ANC takes more consumption than without ANC. The headphones guru says that the ANC is responsible for major consumption of the total value that means if your battery running 30 hours and with ANC your battery goes up to 23 hours.


ActiveNoise Cancelling a major feature in any headphone, but there is a gap that is claimed by the different manufacturers. No doubt the Cowin E7 Pro has the Better quality of ANC feature and offers you. But ANC you experience when your music is on then block the outside noise.

But any brand tends to provide ANC with lower levels of strength, and it’s impossible to block 100% noise it does its work but not 100%. It’s just a tool to minimize the noise that is reaching your ears.

The Sound Quality

The Cowin E7 Pro offers you high quality sound The 45mm drivers slightly higher than the usual one. This edition provides sound much stronger level.

The over-ear design provides more space to deliver sound. Because of the larger drivers, it’s easy to provide effective soundstage and sound clarity.

The boosted bass has the power its appreciate E7 clarity and sound at all the levels, low, mid and high. The bass support for all the genres.

Why You Should Choose Cowin E7 Pro Upgraded ANC Headphones

If you liked the E7 version before then you will love the E7 Pro because of its is the upgraded version with far better sound, rich bass, larger battery life beautiful design with comfort and ease, easy portability and for the immersive time period.

They are not the right headphones for jogging or taking a call in crowded places. If you want to enjoy the music then E7 Pro at an affordable price is a good choice for you. If you have a little higher budget then Cowin E8 active noise-canceling headphones could be chosen for you

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