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The Best Samsung Bluetooth Headphones of 2020

Samsung is the main contender in the electronics industry and in headphone also, they have a big list of headphones,  Samsung Bluetooth headphones are liked by big population in the world, in the smartphone market they have simply beat every contender and become no in that arena.

Here we will describe the most successful headphones and earbuds of Samsung to make your purchases easy.

Samsung Galaxy Earbuds

Samsung galaxy buds are good looking, well-built design; it is more comfortable in-ear fit and gives you the most comfortable feeling without putting pressure, you will get all the functionality in the app that can be easily set the entire feature according to your choice

Easy to portable, their charging case easily fits in your pocket crisp and clear sound, their default sound lacks a little bass, people who are a big fan of bass could be a little disappointing. The 7.5-hour battery life and truly wireless headphones can be considered if fulfill your need.

Easy to pair with your phone, that comes with 3 silicone ear cup sizes for different ear sizes the beautiful part of this they are independent that run out of battery you can use one charge another at the same time.

You can control the noise of your surroundings with ambient aware, the quick ambient mode lets you hear traffic and other people. If you want in a higher range of Bluetooth headphone then you can check LG headphone that is also good in everything but your budget should be a little higher.

Samsung U Flex Wireless Headphone

The Samsung U Flex closed-back headphone, around the neck design easy to operate while not using, it’s lying around your neck and not pinched you because of its weight and that is flexible enough to adjust according to your neck contour.  with decent look in-ear headphones,  the battery life is a decent one, that worked perfectly with the Samsung device but little struggle with other devices.

The Samsung U Flex offers an excellent wireless range and quality sound signature it’s a sufficiently versatile headphone.

Powerful wireless rangePoor Noise Cancellation
Easy to useLimited customization option
Comfortable design

Comfort Level

The Samsung U Flex is comfortable around the neck design easily fit under your shirt collar, it could be a little bulkier for some people than U Flex Pro if you don’t have any issue with in-ear design then it will be a great choice for you. It will fit the ear tip in the ear canal with soft cups, that won’t be an issue.

Easy to portable, when you fold it can be easy to place even in pockets. No need to hold the smartphone for long calling sessions with your friends, family or business. The free hands allow you to keep doing your other work as well. I have seen when you hold phones more than five minutes your hands start paining, it’s hard to take a long call without headphones.

Build Quality and Durability

The around the neck design makes it extra sturdy itself, and the material used in it of good quality that is flexible enough that gives you the surety of durability. The earbuds are dense and well made. The audio cable is very thin and not looking durable and you can’t replace them, overall if we use carefully then don’t have any issue to consider it.

The Samsung U Flex overall stable enough to use even when you are playing on the field. The around the neckband doesn’t fall. So it’s very easy to talk bike riders and while driving cars. It’s very supportive for commuters and travelers anywhere.

The Quality of Sound

The sound quality is reasonable, support mid-range bass not high, the treble performance is average if you are not a big fan of heavy sound, and you want to listen that doesn’t disturb others then these will be a good choice for you. The low frequency of bass means secure to your ear for the health of listening skills and protect your ear.

These are made that ways that can’t harm your ear and you still enjoy your track and phone calls.

Noise Isolation

The Samsung U Flex noise isolation performance is reasonable, that’s sub-par to others. But there are other brands like BeatsX, E8 and Jaybird X3 that offer you much better passive isolation. But still, it offers great passive noise isolation that is more than average. The noise handling experience is decent but not blocking 10% noise, block at some level . overall its good to consider.

The Battery Life

The continuous battery life goes up to 11.5 hours that is enough for one day if you are using the whole day, but I am sure none of the use that much for people who use very less then the battery gives you few days of life. And it just takes 1.5 to 2 hours time to fully charge.

And when you put it on Standby mode it saves the battery for sure. The micro USB charging unit makes it super easy to use even while charging that offers you good battery life.

The Bluetooth Version

The 4.2 Bluetooth version gives you powerful connectivity, you can pair it with 2 devices. The drawback of this is it not support NFC but can be connected with two devices simultaneously.  Easy to pair switch which one you want to connect with. Its performance quite well to use.

If We Sum It Up

The Samsung Bluetooth headphones easy to use design, easy to carry. The Samsung U Flex is around the neckband design makes it sturdy enough that supports durability. Easy to sound that care your ear, better Bluetooth connectivity. overall they are one of best cheap earbuds, the best earbuds under $50 and the best Bluetooth earbuds under $50.

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